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Home Buyers Guide

Regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer, you're looking for a family home or you are downsizing it is useful to consider the home-buying process and how that may affect your decisions throughout the process. This is particularly important if you, or your chain, have never bought a new-build home before.

Here is a brief step-by-step guide to buying a home from Accueil.

Initial Viewing:

Once the site has been released publicly we are able to accept viewings. Our sites are released once the foundations and block and beam floors have been laid which allows our buyers to customise their properties as much as possible if they reserve the property early in the build.

Making an Offer:

Should you wish to make an offer on a property this must be submitted in writing to the marketing agents for the development. They will then assess your circumstances and qualify your offer. If you are eligible to proceed the agents will inform us and we will write to you to formally accept the offer.


Once your offer is accepted we will send you a Reservation Agreement and our terms and conditions. You will need to complete and return the agreement, and pay the reservation fee to us in order to formalise your reservation. We will also invite you to a Reservation Meeting to cover the build process and discuss any initial ideas for changes to specification. Once you have formally reserved the property you will be given 4-12 weeks to exchange contracts with us depending on the stage of the build. It is important to note that although we will provide you an estimated completion date for you to move into the property we will not provide a fixed completion date as there are factors outside of our control during the build process, such as the weather, which could delay us. We will keep you informed throughout the build of any delays to that completion date and will endeavour to provide an accurate date within the last four weeks of the build.

Customisation Meeting:

After you have had a little time to reflect after the Reservation Meeting we will meet again to discuss any customisations you wish to make to the property and to give you an estimate on any costs to complete these works. 

Meet the Site Manager:

Following the Reservation Meeting we will arrange a meeting on site for you to meet the site team and also giving you another opportunity to see the property early on. This Site Manager will also be able to review any customisation choices and discuss any queries the team may have in their implementation.

Drawing Sign Off:

Once any amendments to the working drawings have been made you will be asked to attend the office and check them over. The drawings will then be signed by both parties and become part of the sales agreement with you.


Kitchen Design:

We will arrange a kitchen design meeting approximately 8-12 weeks before the kitchen is installed for you to meet with the design team and customise the kitchen to your own personal choices. You will have the opportunity to add and change unit types, pick the finishes and upgrade any gadetry.  

Build Completion:

Once the major build phase has been completed and the property can be considered habitable we will arrange for an NHBC inspection to provide us with the warranty sign-off and build complete certificate. Once we have these items we will issue notice to complete via our solicitors. This notice requests that you complete on the purchase within 14 days. 

Snagging Visit:

Approximately two weeks before you are due to move into the property we will arrange an on-site snagging visit to pick up on any items which require attention. This does not need to be an exhaustive list as there will inevitably be other items that arise once you start living in your new home but it will raise any issues such as marked paintwork or incorrect finishes. 

Familiarisation Visit:

A couple of days prior to you moving in you will meet the Site Manager and our Customer Care team to go through a familiarisation tour of the property ensuring that you know how to use the appliances, heating and hot water. We will also give you an overview of the service providers and any information you need to know immediately on entry to the property. 

Key Handover:

On the day of completion we will aim to allow you access as early as possible once funds have been received by our solicitors and we are authorised to release keys. In most cases this will be from 12pm on the day of completion but we would ask that you ensure that your removals firms do not arrive before then.

Post-Completion Accueil Care:

Following your completion date our customer care team will visit after one week and after one month to catch-up with you and ensure that any snagging is recorded and contractors are distributed. We are able to offer a key-holding service for the first 28 days following completion to allow us to enter the property with contractors to get any required works completed. After the first 28 days any access would be by arrangement with you.