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Managing Covid-19 in Construction

We are actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and as our government prepares to introduce further measures to contain the spread of the virus here in the UK we wanted to take the opportunity to reassure all of our customers and suppliers that we are taking steps to protect our staff, suppliers and customers.

Business As Usual

At the time of writing (13.03.20) our business remains unaffected by the impact of the Coronavirus; we are continuing with our build programmes across all sites.

Managing our Build Programmes

We are working closely with our suppliers and subcontractors and currently are not experiencing issues with supply of materials or labour to meet our build programmes. We are aware that this may shortly change and although we do not anticipate much change in our ability to deliver material to site we may encounter issues with availability of skilled trades-people as the number of cases of the virus and self-isolation becomes more widespread.

We will use every endeavour available to us to reduce the disruption to the build programmes that we have including accelerating builds, where possible, where we have buyers in place. However there may be delays in the completion of units which are outside of our control. We will advise our purchasers of any significant delays to the completion of their homes as we have them available.

Promoting Hygiene in the Work Place

For those customers purchasing properties from us we can assure you (at the time of writing) that none of our emplyees or subcontractors have travelled to at risk locations in the past 3 months and have not been suspected of, spent time in isolation for or been diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus.

Ensuring the health and safety of everyone remains our top priority and during the course of the coming weeks if you are due to complete on a property purchase or have a pre-booked meeting with one of our team members you may be asked about your health and that of your direct relatives. If there is cause for concern a meeting may be conducted remotely either over telephone or via FaceTime wherever possible and practicable. 

Our staff members have been asked not to shake hands with others and we would ask you to respect their decision not to make physical contact when meeting.

We remind all staff members, customers and subcontractors to regularly wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds during each wash. We also recommend that gels or wipes are carried with you to quickly clean hands when hand-washing is not possible, Accueil will endeavour to supply this when it is available from our suppliers but due to shortages we recommend personal stocks are acquired.

Completion and Snagging

We will ensure that the unit is thoroughly cleaned and locked down before handover.

If you are due to complete on a property purchase with a family member who is at risk, or showing symptoms we may on the day of completion provide you with the keys and handover pack and defer your familiarisation and snagging meetings to suit isolation and/or recovery periods.

We ask your patience with snagging following legal completion as we may struggle with availability of products or subcontractors to complete the required works.

Our Commitment

As we move through the coming days and weeks and navigate the impact and effects of COVID-19, we will continue to keep you up to date on any impact on our business and we assure you that we will continue to act in accordance with the government's advice acting responsibly and appropriately taking action if and when required.