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Caring for your Carpets

09 Apr 2018 Caring for your Carpets

Abingdon Carpets are one of our preferred suppliers. They have a great range of carpets from day-to-day through to luxury. They have provided the following advice on how to keep your carpets beautiful.

Remember carpets do get dirty under normal use and looking after your carpet and maximising its good looks is dependent on the level of simple maintenance which is applied by the owner. The lasting beauty of your carpet depends on attention to a few simple, easy to follow steps.

Vacuum Frequently.

The best way to reduce soil accumulation and prolong the life of your carpet is to vacuum frequently, especially in those areas where high levels of traffic are common. For all cut pile carpets we recommend an upright cleaner with an active beater bar to help loosen and lift soil from the pile. Loop pile carpets are best maintained using a suction cleaner to minimise snagging and damaging the loop pile.

Attend to Stains and Spills Immediately

Most stains and spills are far easier to remove when attended to immediately. Take care to treat stains appropriately, we are happy to provide advice on how to approach different spills and spots.

Clean Areas of Frequent Use

The most-used areas of the carpet – entrances, doorways, traffic lanes, around a favourite chair, etc., are going to collect dirt much faster that the remainder of the carpet. Cleaning these areas when they just begin to look soiled stops the dirt from spreading to the rest of the house and can extend the time between professional cleanings. 

Periodic Professional Cleaning

Airborne particles of dust and oils will eventually leave a thin dull film on even unused parts of the carpet. To help overcome this natural soiling, periodic professional cleaning of the carpet is essential. Carpets perform best when properly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner using specially formulated cleaners developed for your carpet.

More information about how to look after your carpets and the ranges available from Abingdon Carpets visit: 

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